[Film Review] American Animals: An American Dream

What conspires in Bart Layton’s latest docudrama, American Animals, is a wholly capital A American thing. It’s a cautionary tale about the miasma of success and its pressures in society - but it’s also about watching a bunch of movies and stealing books from the library. As absurd as it sounds, it’s completely true.

[Album Review] “Magic Gone” by Petal

"There’s floods of sadness that encompass the sophomore record, but it’s the yin and yang that brings Magic Gone to life- brings a warmer feel to the melancholic release. It’s an album offering outreached arms for anyone who has ever felt the exact way Lotz did when writing down her pain."

Staff Picks: Must See Artists at Fest 17

On Monday, Fest made their second and final lineup announcement. With so many bands playing, the staff at Lvl picked out some of their favorites so if you're in need of recommendation, we've got you covered. Our picks include Retirement Party, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, War on Women and a whole lot more.