Q&A: Brandon Telg Spills The Beans On Sofar Sounds

"Sofar guests get to see new sides of Gainesville, or see spaces they love in a new light. As for artists, its kind of hard to put into words what makes an artist right for a Sofar: Gainesville show. There are certain elements, like the fact that they must put on a compelling live show, have a presence that works in an intimate setting, and generally make good music, but there’s another X-Factor that is harder to describe."

The Fest 17: Thoughts On The Initial Lineup, Favorite Memories & More Pt. 2

"Going into Fest that first time, I only knew one other person who would be there, since then I've met so many others, including some of my favorite people in the whole world. Because of them I always have something to consistently look forward to every year. Fest isn't just a music festival, it's one big, sweaty, drunk, and extremely happy family and I can't wait until this year's family reunion!"

Q&A: Machinist! Discuss New Record, Upcoming Tour & More

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo Machinist! is a four-piece metal band from Valdosta, Georgia that formed in 2011. This Thursday, the band will be kicking off their tour for their new record, Closer To Death, at The Atlantic with Orbiter, Pyre and Oof. We were able to talk to their vocalist Jeff Hill about the new record, … Continue reading Q&A: Machinist! Discuss New Record, Upcoming Tour & More

[Artist Feature] Ratboys Discuss Tour With Vundabar, New EP and More

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo Some artists are able to create an immersive experience that tie the listener in with not only their soundscape but their ability to tell stories that are both personal and relatable. That’s the case with the Chicago based indie-rock duo Ratboys and we were able to talk to singer and guitarist Julia … Continue reading [Artist Feature] Ratboys Discuss Tour With Vundabar, New EP and More

Savannah Stopover: A Deer A Horse Perform “What If I Was”

"On the opening night of Savannah Stopover, the Lvl team was able to catch them live and it solidified my love for them. Their music is full of heavy, grimy guitars and vocal hooks. we decided on filming a session with the band near River Street in The Storehouses under The Factors Walk. The dark walls and echos of the room compliment the band's sound and lends itself to a stripped down performance that still capture's the band's essence." We hope you enjoy!

[Photos] Vita & The Woolf at Savannah Stopover

Jen Pague introduces herself to me in the fading Savannah twilight. It's 8 o'clock and she's just driven in from South Carolina with her band, Vita and the Woolf. The Philly-based three piece just started their second tour of the year and are eager to showcase their critically acclaimed discography at SXSW.