Getting rough and rowdy at Loosey’s Downtown

By: Ian Maikisch

As Insignificant Other take the stage, the crowd fills in for a night of local music in downtown Gainesville.

On Sept. 29th Loosey’s Downtown bar transformed into a power packed venue with local and national bands.

Gainesville local band, Insignificant Other opened up the night and got people’s feet moving. Playing tunes off their latest five track EP, “Cop Kisser EP,” Insignificant Other has a live show that could rival a national touring act.

“Cop Kisser EP” is one of those great records that would fit right in on a Sunday morning drive in the mountains.

The EP opens up with “Con Artist,” a track that one would expect to find in an indie film about the final year of high school. A song that, in feeling, perfectly captures excitement with a hint of somber under tones.

This band is definitely one of the bands that, when they finish, you jump up to go shake their hands and rush to the “merch” table.

IG 1

Simona from Insignificant Other singing at Loosey’s Downtown.

After the crowd had loosened up and reloaded on drinks, Tallahassee’s Winded emerged on the stage with her guitar.

Playing hauntingly beautiful melodies and touching the hearts of everyone in the room.

While Winded was on stage the crowd fell silent. Following every word that echoed with the same reverb I would imagine one might hear in a classic gothic church.

After every beautiful and compelling track the crowd erupted into applause. When listening to Winded play live you can’t help but feel emotional, hanging on every note as it gracefully caries you to the next.

Winded 1

Catherine (singer, guitarist and song writer) from Winded soothing the crowd. 

People went insane, I’m talking Howard Hughes barricaded in a room insane, when Chicago based band Vivian K hit their first note.

Right from the start the band was oozing charisma and energy.

In the middle of their 70 day national tour the band performed like champions in an arena.

It was very clear that the band felt right at home not being at home, but playing loud and in your face music.

A band that inspired everyone to in the building to come to the stage and start moving.

The band just puts out a raw emotion when seeing them live that it infects everyone around it. It compels the audience to experience every feeling right along with the musicians, as the band gives them everything they have.

As Vivian K hits their final note, the patrons at Loosey’s Downtown step outside for a smoke. As they had to recover from such an incredible performance to get ready for the next band.

Vivan K 4

Daniel (singer and guitarist) from Vivian K. 

Alumine brought the show to an end the only way to be expected.

The Gainesville band took the left over power of the room and made sure everyone gave it their all before they went home.

With a perfectly dynamic song structure and equally intriguing lyrics the band captured the audience’s attention immediately.

Red stage lights gave the set a risqué and forceful look which matched so well with the music that it was uncontrollably captivating.

Aluminie 1




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