Interview: Vivian K

By: Ian Maikisch

LVL To The Room had the great pleasure of hosting emotional soft-core band Vivian K; after playing an energetic and dynamic show at Loosey’s Downtown in Gainesville. Once we started talking it was very clear that the band felt right at home not being at home, but playing loud and in your face music.

Before turning the cameras on we chilled out and had a few cocktails. Getting to know each other a little, it was clear that Jesse, Daniel and Cass are some of the warmest and earnest people I’ve met in music. You would expect a band that booked a tour close to 70 days, played all around the country and are signed to a record label to act (at least a little) “rock star.” That is not the case with the members of Vivian K, of course they can get rough and rowdy with the best of them. However, they are extremely humble and a real joy to interact with.

Once we got acquainted, the camera started rolling and the band opened up about their song writing process, life on the road and their new album.




Check out the band on tour:

10/20 Laramie, WY
10/21 Casper, WY
10/22 Missoula, MT





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