Kindergarten Cop Wakes Listeners Up with the Release of The Sleepy EP

By: Graham Johnson


Kindergarten Cop is awesome. If there was an award for most outstandingly enjoyable band, I’d gift it to these guys. They’re fast, hard, messy, and come complete with a gooey emotional center. The Sleepy EP throws off a vibe that consolidates the memories and atmosphere, once dedicated to small DIY festivals, in which all bands shared the same equipment and didn’t give a fuck what happened next. The idea of not needing a certain amp or rig to define a sound, but instead allowing the power of the music itself to carry the message and feeling intended to all who might listen.

The resolute and raw nature of the EP shines forth in unmitigated angst with ‘Lethargy;’ a song dedicated to apathy and the absence of the necessary willpower to leave the house. Shortly afterward a groovy, yet nasty, melody arrives in the form of ‘Guttersnipe.’ The fast paced guitar soon drops out to reveal a poppy bass line that holds down the melody as the vocalist provides a sick croon that builds up to a scream; all the while the instruments have ascended together only to drop back down and abruptly conclude the song 2 minutes later. ‘Titanic’ closes out this short and sweet EP by coming out hard and fast and leaving with a lethargic groove that has you wishing there might be one more track and searching the internet for a show.

Ultimately, this is a perfect EP to play in the car or with your friends at a party, not to discount actually catching them live, which this writer will DEFINITELY be doing. If you want a bit of emotion, mosh, and a hell of a lot of party, I’m sure Kindergarten Cop will get you close, if not all the way.


Kindergarten Cop (The Sleepy EP)

Kindergarten Cop is:
Prolly Pedro

The Sleepy EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Charlie Chopshop in 2016.



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