Fest 15 Photo Set Part Two

By: Ian Maikisch

The Fest is full of love, passion and camaraderie. Like many great things, it seemed to be over way to quickly. It was three days of insanity and I loved it!

Gainesville turned into every music lovers paradise for a short weekend; booze, bands and beautiful people. It definitely goes to show you that the DIY scene is not dead in Florida.

Here is some more awesome bands that I had the privilege of shooting at The Fest 15.

The Flatliners: Rock-punk band from Toronto, Ontario

RVIVR: Punk band hailing from Olympia, Washington

Mannequin Pussy: Punk-pop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


If you would like to see more photos from Less Than Jake, Such Gold, Daria and Rozwell Kid check out part one!



Flatliners 2

Flatliners 1

The Flatliners singer ,Chris Cresswell, really getting into the punk mentality at Bo Diddley Plaza. 




RVIVR shredding to a fully packed crowd at Bo Diddley Plaza for Fest 15. 




Mannequin Pussy leaving it all on the stage and rockin’ people’s faces off at Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub. 












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