DONKNG Releases Debut EP: Daydreams

By: Graham Johnson


Let’s talk about DONKNG for a moment. Let’s talk about how simple and raw this band is, whilst still having enough power to punch through the barrier that divides complacency and intensity.

So far, I’ve seen them play once. This was at a house show that the band themselves had put together at their (somewhat aptly titled) abode in the student ghetto. At first, they come off as the perfect band for a show in a living room. Their mellow tone and low vocals combine with their small, three-person size to form a band that can fit into any given corner in any given room (probably, including the bathroom.)

But I digress, as I currently wish to discuss their hot and fresh EP, ‘Daydreams,’ which came out on October 22nd. Granted I have heard all of these songs once before live. However, as I’m sure anyone that’s attended a live performance will tell you, some aspects of the music can be lost in translation. Somehow, DONKNG forewent that idea in its entirety to create a lo-fi sound that translates out live very much as it does on the EP.

This primarily stemming from the extremely simple tone. Camilo affects his guitar using only a small amount of overdrive and reverb, whereas Matt doesn’t use any effects at all. Instead, he focuses more on fitting as many notes as he can into a measure. Behind all of this, Juan is going right off the rails, the chain, and every other thing; as he beats the drums into the syncopated rhythms and diverse fills that are part of what make this band stand out.

Put succinctly, there is no real standout track on the album, as its entirety retains the same mellow, breezy feel that only two boys from Orlando could deliver to mine homesick ears. Though, if I had to pick a favorite, ‘Title Fight’ would be the one. I feel a strong connection with the song and as Camilo reminisces through these verses, I find myself doing the same. It’s almost as if my dear Orlando has come to see me and has left a gift in the form of DONKNG. I’m ready to see these guys on increasingly larger and successful stages and I believe they have the talent and skill to pull it off.


DONKNG rockin’ a house show at The Dumpster. 



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Photo by: Eliza Goldstein

Released Oct. 22, 2016,”Daydreams” was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Chris Palowitch. DONKNG is Camilo Isaza (Guitar/Vocals),  Juan Salguero (Drums) and Matt Dobrzanski (Bass).


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