Original Gainesville Punks Show Support For Local Author

By: Graham Johnson

Last Friday, Dec 2, we here at Lvl to the Room were invited to cover an event at the Hardback. Primarily, this event was being held as the release of Matt Walker’s tribute to and biography of the scene, Gainesville Punk: A History of Bands and Music.

In which, Matt goes on to discuss many of the popular bands that have come out of and through Gainesville over the past 2 decades. Including, but not limited to, Less Than Jake and the very bands playing at the Hardback that night.

As I’m still just a baby in Gainesville’s decades old scene, I was hearing these few bands for the first time and was rewarded with three solid punk\alt bands. First of which was As Is; a fun and poppy female three-piece that excelled in that mid-90s Plumtree-esque tonal range.




Unfortunately, they finished their set and stepped off the stage. However, they were quickly replaced by second act, No More, for which rhythm guitar and lead vocals were handled by a past reviewee, Jenarchy.



They kept the crowd pumped and ready during their electrified set and successfully rang in another hometown favorite, Edmonton. Naturally, they held down an insanely rockin set and got the crowd to party out a little, even in spite of the cold.


I do have an honorable mention, however. This comes in the form of Jesse, the dope ass doorman for Hardback. A man with whom I enjoyed many conversations that night and several beers. As far as Hardback goes, and I’m concerned, he is the absolute man. All in all, great show and good times.

Check out Gainesville Punk by Matt Walker and continue to patronize the scene!










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