New Music: Alumine “Value”

By: Graham Johnson


Wow — I feel like I haven’t touched a keyboard in forever, despite the fact that it’s only been a month and a half. The cold air and stormy weather combined with all the time off had rendered me a shut in, until the sun poked its head around the clouds and asked if I had seen the new Alumine video.

As I had been consumed for many weeks by lonely guitar and video games, I shamefully responded that I had not. It came as small consolation when I learned that it really had only been released a week, or so, ago on Jan. 15th.

The video is a demonstration of what Alumine had been doing while the rest of us were huddled up under blankets, drinking cocoa, and watching Netflix Originals.

Without further ado, I invite you to shake off the cold and bad weather and take a stretch in front of Alumine’s rays. As they radiate through your contracted muscles and tight skin, you will feel their love and power echoing throughout.

The music is so very Alu, bringing everything together in a harmonic cacophony of brilliantly composed licks to then spray emotion forth in the form of screams and yells. This fits the extremely simplistic and artistically vintage feel of the entire video.

From filming with what looks like a VHS camera from the 90s with a fucked up tape drum, to the on-screen text and single character throughout. The visuals are definitely exciting and fun to watch with the music being even better.

“Value” will have you wishing and begging for anything more that they can give, however insignificant. Not to worry however, as they will be releasing their new EP on the 19th of next month (Feb. 19), which makes a very short wait for as much anticipation as it heralds.

As good as this track is, I can’t wait to hear what Alumine has in store. Prepare your body and your mind, this one could be big.






Links & Credits:

Released January 15, 2016
Recorded at Goldentone Studios by Rob McGregor


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