The Coathangers Hangout at High Dive

By: Ian Maikisch

I never really know how to start these things. Should I start with telling you how I learned about the show? Or maybe it should start with some short work of fiction about how walking into the front doors of the venue the place smelled sweet with two-day-old sweat and beer from the show a few nights before. So instead of any of that I’m just going to start and finish with the bands. That’s all that really matters anyway.

Average Friend started the night off rockin’. The local three-piece band is everything that one could want from a newer garage power-pop group. Very reminiscent of the Austin band, White Denim, with a little more punch. The bass tone is that super crunchy, dirty, overly fuzzed out sound that many have grown to love. Complimented perfectly with the bright and wailing guitarist who isn’t afraid to shred your pretty little faces off. This was my first time seeing the band but, I hope it isn’t my last. Being that they are new and their launching pad is miles above many “beginning” bands, Average Friend is one to watch in 2017.

Edit 1

Average Friend being not-so average as they play at High Dive. 



DONKNG has changed over the past few months. It seems like the New Year rolled around the band said to themselves, “Hey lets loose our minds on stage.” They play each show now with a new level of energy and aggression then the last. Camilo jumping around, slinging his guitar and is no longer soothingly serenading the audience but full on screaming at times, making sure his message gets across to an always enthusiastic audience.

Edit 2

Camilo of DONKNG Jammin’ at High Dive. 



After stepping outside and hanging around with some friends the first notes from The Coathangers hit my ears. Rushing inside (along with the 50 people outside) I finally got my way to front because, of course it’s The Coathangers, you have to be up front for The Coathangers. Once in the crowd the first thing that hit me were the lights. I don’t know if the light guy that night was getting paid extra or the band brought their own person to run the lights but WOW! The lights combined with the fog made the band look magical. This beauty was quickly over taken with fast punk aggression though. The crowd jumping and dancing all over each other while the band seemed to melt into the lights and fog. I’ve been listening to this band for a little under a year now and I was nervous what their live performance was going to be like. But oh my, did they live up and surpass my expectations. Three incredibly passionate and rebellious young women screaming, singing, beating and playing their hearts out. This is a band that gives one of my favorite kind of shows. You know that kind that after the last song you’re covered in sweat, have split all your beer on the floor or yourself and really need a cigarette.




The Coathangers magically mistifying everyone at High Dive. 

All I can say about this show was that it was awesome. I met some great new friends, saw some incredible music and went home totally exhausted. All staples for a good night.



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