Average Friend Releases New EP: Sweating Out The Weekend

By: Ian Maikisch



“Look up there, it’s a punk band, it’s a jam band, it’s a rock band. NO! It’s Average Friend.” I’ve been listening to the new EP, Sweating Out The Weekend, by Average Friend for the past few days now on repeat. Even though I’ve heard all four tracks probably 50 times now I still can’t put my finger on how best to describe the EP.

Sweating Out The Weekend is like a really good dish at a fancy resultant. At first glance it might just look like a simple meal that anyone could make, but upon first bite it blows your mind. How did the chef make this chicken sandwich with so many flavors?!? This is exactly the way I feel when listening to Average Friend.

Even though the band is a three-piece the music sounds like something larger. Every song on the record has its own life to it, its own flavor and influences.

The first track, Heavy Time, has flavors of psychedelic rock, garage rock and power pop. The trippy guitar and planted bass in this song bring back memories of summer time, going to festivals, on road trips and house parties with friends. An all-around party song that any living room would benefit from on a Saturday night filled with less than sober occupants.

The last track on the record, I Don’t Care, is very reminiscent of the Pennsylvania band, The Districts, with a hint of the Austin four piece White Denim. Again the guitar stands out in this song with shreddy licks and tasteful melodies. What really strikes me about this song though is the thoughtful and honest lyrics. Coupled with dynamic vocal lines, this poppy and fun song has a darker message in the background.

This band is a spice rack stocked with 70s rock, garage, pop, punk and really good alternative, like name brand alternative not the great value brand. It’s been a while since I’ve heard such a dynamic record with influences from so many places and times.

Sweating Out The Weekend is a driving and powerful fuzzed-out bass coupled with a shredding guitar and dynamic vocals, which make for a very interesting and pleasurable listening experience to be had by all who hear it.








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