New Music Video: Endless Pools “Tonight”

By: Ian Maikisch



Imagine you just dosed on some weird psych drug that your friend gave you at the music festival a week ago, and you’re walking around a beautiful Florida state park. This is close to what the song “Tonight” brings to my mind.

What seems like an homage to late 60s psychedelic rock, the track “Tonight” by Endless Pools has everything one could want in a poppy and fun psych-rock song. With influences from The Black Keys, Velvet Underground and Mac Demarco “Tonight” is just fun. With the release of their first music video for the song the visual representation matches perfectly with the vibe of the auditory experience.

The music video is what I assume a session video is like on acid. The wavy and tranced out music dances with the deep purples and blues overlaid on the band. The lag effect of the camera is very reminiscent of what I would expect to find on late 90s MTV between segments of The Pixies and The Flaming Lips.

This Gainesville band has completely captivated me with their music. Endless Pools surely has great things ahead and we will be following them very closely.




Written and Produced by Endless Pools at Supermoon Sound in Gainesville, FL.

Recorded at Supermoon Studios in Gainesville, FL
Produced by Jacob Adams & Thomas Deaton
Engineered & Mastered by Thomas Deaton



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