Rowdy Party At Newest Gainesville House Show Venue

By: Graham Johnson

From what I understand, the Feb 4th show at the Shit Mansion was the inaugural musical event that introduced this intriguing new venue to the Gainesville music scene. While many of the party-goers you’ll recognize from prior events at The Dumpster, this dwelling could not hold itself any more divergent. Shit Mansion provides far more space immediately in front of the stage, accommodating a far larger audience. Though, at times, it can seem less intimate than the cramped living room of The Dumpster. Interestingly enough however, I’ve seen a far greater and more diverse turn out at both locations since the inception of this new venue. This may stem from the fact that there seems to be a fresh, new band or act at every subsequent event.


Dandelion Doldrums sitting on the ground but creating sounds that sour high to the crowd in front of them. 

The band in question at this particular event was “Dandelion Doldrums.” Consisting of only two members, we saw spaced out keys intertwining with mellow, high-register melodies being sung by both members. Anchoring the gravitational waves of the keys and vocals waveringly to the reality of the room was a small sample pad that was used to punch out the rhythm and layer more spacey samples and vocal spots onto their nebulous staves. However, once they reached their final tune, the percussionist swapped his pad for a full-sized keyboard and began to harmonize melodies with the primary spacey keys, while steadily adding more and more industrial elements to the once dreamy sound. After their set, they related to me that this was the first show they had played as this act. From my point of view; if this is only the beginning, I’m eager to hear what’s next for “Dandelion Doldrums.”


Theo Burrows a true artist playing to a pack house at The Shit Mansion. 

The second act of the night, returning to the eye of the house show scene for he second week in a row, was “Theo Burrows.” A fantastic 4 piece playing under a name assumed from the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Theo Burrows. The first time I saw these boys, they were immensely successful in energizing the crowd as an opening act. As any of you show veterans know, that is an extremely difficult feat to accomplish. Naturally, they provided the same air of excitement and whipped the crowed into shape after only a handful of songs.



Following Theo and his ragtag group of barely tame musicians was “Brian Schwartz.” An act like Brian Schwartz is something of an oddity at a house show, though not entirely uncommon. Brian Schwartz is a stand up comic who, in true comedic fashion, began to systematically roast every single person in the room, whether he knew them, or not. His humor is very cavalier and feeds off of mutual experience and general situational irony. Definitely wouldn’t mind catching him again, as his art is a gem among the house show crowd.


Supermarkets working on some complicated synths to create angry and rebellious sounds for all who listen. (Photo taken by Darien Moore)

Reprising their original role as ‘Final Act of the Night,’ punk inspired, angsty, super-group “Supermarkets” was finally ready to rip everyone’s minds apart with their blistering licks and square wave vocals. I think this band only gets louder with time, though luckily enough they also get tighter. It feels as if not a single one of them would be happy if they weren’t clipping something. “Supermarkets’ is on a continuous mission to blow your eardrums out and convince you it was such a good idea you’ll do it next weekend too.

When it comes down to it, these shows are only getting better and better. You really have to hand it to the people who lend out their spaces so all us sweaty fiends can squish together with our various alcohols and thrash around for several hours every weekend. Not to diminish the great appreciation for all of the bands that take the time to come hang out and play. We have a great scene here, so I hope everyone continues to come out and show support for our local bands and party-hearty homeowners.




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