Gainesville Holy Trinity: Rosemary Kennedy, Alumine at The Dumpster 

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo


“My heart beats miles from here. In a town where everybody stays because no one has the will to change,” sings Anika Pyle of Chumped as their album plays over the speakers. While music fans at The Dumpster sing along to the band as more people walk in, and the first band gets ready to play. The atmosphere in the room is quite the opposite of what the song is about. For many, the night’s lineup is a dream. Gainesville locals Dos Micos!, Rosemary Kennedy and Alumine were joined by the Venezuelan band Zeta. Contrary to what its name might imply, The Dumpster is a nice house with plenty of space in the backyard to speak to friends in-between sets. Inside, the small living room is filled with bright light from soft boxes on either end and the noise is carefully controlled by the multi-talented Charlie Chopshop of Coolicide Productions. If you want to get a good spot, make sure to get there early.



Made up of Camilo Isaza and Juan Salguero from the three-piece band DONKNG, Dos Micos! opened the show with plenty of energy. Having previously only seen the band played as a three-piece, the band still had a full sound complimented by Juan’s hard-hitting drums and Camilo’s smooth vocals.

Dos Micos! starting off the night with their garage rock sound.



Next up was Zeta from Venezuela. Singing songs in Spanish, the band fuses elements of experimental rock, hardcore and punk. Their aggressive sound had the audience engaged whether they could understand the lyrics or not.


Zeta bringing a change of pace to the crowd.



As more and more people filed into the house, Rosemary Kennedy got started. They filled their set with songs off of their EP ‘French Exit’ which was released in September of 2016. The band changed the night’s mood in the best way with their indie-rock sound. Their stand out song was “It’s Your Red Hair”, a catchy track containing compelling instrumentals and engaging melodies.

Colin Davis and Charlie Chopshop playing in front of an enthusiastic crowd.


The hard-hitting band Alumine closed out the show. Their set marked my fifth time seeing them live and while my favorite local band changes on a regular basis, they’re a band I’m constantly waiting to watch live again. Their tempo changes and deeply personal lyrics regarding mental health and abuse easily captured the audience. The band will be releasing their debut self-titled EP on Tuesday March 7th and for me, that day can’t come soon enough.


Alu Soto of Alumine sings “I feel the power of your words…” from the track ‘Lele’.

Pay attention to these bands and support the DIY scene, Gainesville wouldn’t be the same without it.




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