New Music: Alumine Releases Self-Titled EP On Whelmed Records

By: Ian Maikisch



Honesty. For most people it’s something that they try to be or implement in their daily lives. But for artist types, it is what they strive to achieve, what keeps them reading and listening and creating. Capturing a true and honest lyric of what it’s like to be alive as a human at this moment in time in your art is so rare that it is normally achieved by people who are universally renowned as “great.” Let alone a full song or album.

Alumine’s self-titled EP has done this. It’s absolutely beautiful in the darkest and most tormented of ways. I can go on forever about how the lyrics and melodies will touch you. This is an EP that after the first listen you will immediately add to your stared playlist on Spotfiy because, for some reason even though you’re really happy now it just speaks to you on a human level.

It might live there for a while during summer and the quaint first dates of your new and blossoming romance. But come winter when the warmth of the sun has faded and the chill of your recent break up seems to be mirrored by the dying leaves and trees around you, you’ll remember Alumine.

Everything about this album is passion in its rawest form. The way the band goes into strong and powerful break downs and the vocal doubling makes you want to jump out of your desk chair. The instruments are just the right amount of intricate and understandable for the average listener, while making any real music buff drool. And can we talk about how this band plays with rhythm? They play around with time signatures and flawlessly stopping and starting like pros. I can’t even begin to dissect this EP Musically without this article being at least five pages. Just listen to it! Over and over and over again. It seems like every time I put it on I hear something new that I missed the last time, like a really good psychological-thriller movie.

This EP deserves to be played in large venues with screaming young adults, jumping up and down or grabbing their shirt (where their heart is) as tears fall from their cheeks as they break their vocal chords yelling these words back to the band.



Released March 8,2017 by Whelmed Records.





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