Allison Crutchfield & The Fizz with Vagabon and Tiny Farm play The Atlantic

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

In support of her new album, Tourist In This Town, Allison Crutchfield is currently on a head-lining tour with the singer Vagabon. However, instead of being solo, both artists brought their backing bands along with them. For the Gainesville date at The Atlantic on March 7th, the quiet city was filled with sad songs and sincerity.



First up on the three band bill was the Gainesville locals, Tiny Farm. They filled their set with songs off of their appropriately named ‘Tiny Demo’. Having previously only listened to the band briefly, I was intrigued by their set immediately after starting. “This song is about making mistakes and only being able to say uh oh,” said lead singer Tim Robson as the band launched into a song of the same name. “Uh oh I think I’ve fallen in love/And it’s because I’ve been feeling alone.” The song explores the idea of assigning romance to people or situations. Projecting love instead of feeling it. As well as enjoying the lyrics, the band’s instrumentation added another layer to their performance with strong bass lines and varied drums.

Tiny Farm bring honesty to their performance.

It’s not often that I’ll listen to an album for the first time and want to take the time to play it over and over for the sole purpose of understanding every word. With Vagabon’s debut release, that’s the case. Released just a few weeks ago, Infinite Worlds, is an album with lyrics that create layers needed to be unraveled. Lead singer Laetitia Tamko’s strong vocal performance (both on the record and live) was captivating. Her songs go through what it’s like to be alone and adjust to new situations while trying to have the confidence to push through it. With the Gainesville show being her first in Florida, I was glad I was there to witness it. Playing with a backing band and a synth machine; each song had a dynamic structure and building sound.

Laetitia puts her all into every song of her set.

As the night winded down, it didn’t lose any energy as Allison Crutchfield took the stage joined by her backing band, The Fizz. Playing songs off of her newest album, Tourist In This Town, the band brought an alluring indie-rock sound with plenty of synth and keys. The record is a break up album, going through the motions of separation from the person she was formally with and the place as well. However, the songs still have a hint of hope and growth. While I love Allison’s voice, the most impressive part of their performance was their drummer. For me, the drums added another layer to the songs which wasn’t present on the album, as it blends into the other instruments more on the record — unlike the way it stands out live.

“I keep confusing love and nostalgia, I don’t ever want to leave california..,” sings Allison.

If you need a night of reflection and understanding, check out this tour. I think everyone needs a little bit of self-reflection and to learn from other people’s complex experiences as well as backgrounds.



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