All Get In For ‘All Get Out’ At Loosey’s Downtown

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Have you ever gone to a show and felt like you were at home? That feeling came pretty close when I saw Lemuria at Loosey’s Downtown in Gainesville in Feb. 2017 but, All Get Out’s show with Alumine and Jason Guy Smiley made that happen again.

The show’s opener was never announced on the event page online so after arriving at the venue, the night’s line up was a surprise to everyone, including to the artist himself. Known around Gainesville for the pineapple drinks at FEST, Jason Guy Smiley walked into Loosey’s with his gear and told me that he had been told that he’d open the show just hours before.

Just like with his set with Lemuria, Jason’s performance did not disappoint. While he played to an almost empty crowd, the customers eating inside made sure to pay attention to his performance. Playing songs off his 2016 record, ‘No Problem, Man’. As an acoustic artist, his songs and powerful voice take me back to when I was 15/16 and watching acoustic artists play in the now-closed, 1982 Bar.

Jason Guy Smiley plays in front of a quiet crowd.

Following his set, Alumine, started to set up. Along with bands like Insignificant Other and Rosemary Kennedy, I feel that Alumine is one of the best bands in the Gainesville scene at the moment. Even with only four songs on their EP and having already seen the band play live on five separate occasions, I still do my best to show up for every single show they play in town. Not only are Alu’s lyrics full of intricate references that take time to pick up on, the band’s change of pace throughout their set keeps any audience on their toes.

“I hope it makes you happy to hear a song about you. My words are real references ,this isn’t a deja entendu, nothing I’m saying is brand new….,” sings Alu.

Once All Get Out hit the stage, I saw the ground at Loosey’s move. They played to one of the most engaged crowds I have ever seen at a venue in Gainesville. As I’m originally from Orlando and used to frequent the House Of Blues, their set reminded me of being an 8th grader in a huge crowd experiencing a moment that would come to shape me later.

“If you stop dreaming, you’re dead already. Some of us went to school, some were far to cool…,” sings Nathan Hussey.

Following their set, I had a wonderful conversation with the band’s guitarist Kyle Samuel about how inspired I am to constantly write and live out my dream of making art.

As a third Journalism student at the University of Florida, I don’t know what the next two and a half years hold for me but I guess, as my friend Jonah Stokes once shared with me, sometimes the best plan is no plan.





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