Edmondson Releases single, “Meanwhile”

By: Kelsa Ross



OK, look.  When I sat down to listen to Edmondson’s single “Meanwhile,” I didn’t know what I was expecting.  Probably some punk, rock-and-roll, grungy, vibes, maybe if I’m lucky, something a little unique thrown in there, some jazz or even some classical influences.  What I never expected, though, was for Edmondson to completely defy the sound that Gainesville is known for and transcend all musical expectations.

I’m serious, people.  This song is unlike anything that is being produced in our local scene.  The track is standalone, the style unparalleled.  In a world where it sometimes seems like everything has been done before, this single is a shape to fill a gap.  It delivers a genre that I didn’t even realize that Gainesville was missing, but now that this empty space has been illuminated, I know that it is a form that we desperately need.

The track opens with a single, beautiful piano melody possessing a vaguely dark, almost ominous tone.  Then the vocals begin and already, not even a minute in, it is staggeringly apparent that this is unique to our community; this is new stuff.  I’m talking some iconic Brian Wilson Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds harmonies, with some ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky qualities.  It’s wonderfully simple while still presenting well-developed, multi-layered instrumentals.  But then, there is a buildup and THIS IS WHERE IT GETS WILD. This spooky, trippy, vaudevillian Beatles’ Benefit of Mr. Kite breakdown punches you in the gut and the unnameable ominous darkness I was talking about in the first part all makes sense.  I’m telling you, I was transported.  Like this sound is so kooky, so unique to what we’re making right now that I just sat there and thought to myself “Whoa.  These guys are really on to something.”

This single is preceding Edmondson’s album, which will drop soon, and let me be the first to say that I haven’t been so hecking excited for the release of such a collection of music in a while.  Just stop what you’re doing and hit play, already.






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