Q&A: Graham Snuggs talks New Record, Influences and Tallahassee Music Scene

By: Ian Maikisch


Graham Snuggs is a super creative artist from Tallahassee Florida. With the release of his newest record, “Loved & Lost”, earlier this year, he has shared his beautiful and heart breaking songs with listeners not only in his local scene but has garnered success in many.

He has been compared to artists such as Bright Eyes and Neil Young in past articles on this site. Check the album review we did here:


After reviewing the record and really diving into the lyricism that Graham brings, we wanted to know more about this inspiring musician. So we asked him a few questions. Here they are, they definitely are here, probably…. Reality is subjective so for you they might not be here, but for me they are. WAIT! (sigh) okay they’re right below this.

Graham, how did you get started playing original music?

I think it all really started when I kept ripping off lyrics from the bands I would listen to (although, these bands were bad but, I’m also not condoning copywriting infringement). It took one of my friends to finally call me out on that, so then I started writing my own lyrics. I picked up guitar about 12 years, my uncle actually taught me for 5 years and he is the reason why I pride myself on my ability to actually craft songs.

Your music seems to draw from a lot of different sources, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from the emotions I feel. I’ve gone through a lot in the last 3 years and I’ve learned about good and maladaptive coping mechanisms. Emotions are such a beautiful thing sometimes. But, I also believe I get the way I play music from various artists: City and Colour, Noah Gundersen, and other Americana / Folk Artist.

What is your writing process? 

Oh my, this has changed almost every few years. I used to just post Facebook notes on the internet, which are probably some of the worst, most angsty lyrics to date. But, now I will be in the mood to write something, so I’ll get my handy iPhone and just play a riff (chord progression) and just sing over it and I’ll record it using Voice memo. I do that about 4 times with usually a different set of lyrics (but usually the same chorus or idea) and then I see which one vocally and phonetically sounds pleasant and bada-bing bada-boom.

What is your favorite song to play live off your new record, “Loved & Lost”?

Probably Tonight (the last song on the record). I wrote it at a tender time in my relationship with my now fiancé. I was overseas in Costa Rica, she was in Tallahassee. I had been there for about 2 months, and still had a month left. I just missed her a lot, and I missed all my friends, but I was also experiencing some serious burn out and emotional lows, so I decided to write Tonight about all of that.

I’ve seen you play a few times here in Gainesville but, what is the music scene in your town [Tallahassee] like?

Diverse. Living in a college town is weird. There’s a huge DIY scene in Tallahassee which is incredible and wonderful and extremely accepting. Then there’s like a huge EDM scene? We also have probably 8 reggae bands that all seem to be huge in town. Then, we have just a few singer-songwriter people. It’s all over the place, but it’s really awesome how much music is happening in Tallahassee.

Who is your favorite local artists in the Tallahassee scene at the moment?

My favorite local artist… oh dang. That’s really hard to choose. I know so many of them personally.

Probably Winded! Catherine [Winded] is a friend of mine. She makes some of the most heartfelt and beautiful music I’ve heard. She is also an incredible person in general, and literally anyone who knows her would back me up on that. But, also Landon Gay. Oh wow, probably one of the best singer-songwriters I know personally. He’s also a sweet angel. He plays a little more country / western-style folk, but it is so reminiscent of Johnny Cash. Check him out too! And also, Markus Holley, he has become a friend of mine pretty quickly and genuinely makes me happy every time I see him. He is in a few projects: Furlough Noir and Leaving Ritual.

What do you think Tyler Denslow of KOTP Collective brought to the record? 

Initiative. Tyler Denslow is probably one of the most hard-working people I know. He does so many awesome things for people around. He helped me tackle developing a whole 9-song record. I had only done one-take songs on Eps or whatever, so I was not used to playing to a click, trying to grow the song or full-length stuff like that.

What’s it like it to balance school and your music? 

Impossible sometimes. Between, working 20 hours a week, school 12 hours a week (with like 6 hours of studying too) and then music stuff. Oh, and then trying to be with my wonderful fiancé and then my friends. I get overwhelmed a lot. But, I have some of the most supportive people in my life. They always are there for me especially when I am taking a turn for the worst. To quote New Found Glory “my friends over you! [anxiety and depression]”

After the release of this new record, what are some goals you have for your music in 2017?

Some of my goals are to start working on an EP sometime in the summer. I also want to re-release about 5 songs from the 4 Eps that I already have. I’m about to embark on a tour Thursday 4/6-4/8. I’m heading out to Columbus, Ga to the Estate, then Panama City, FL at A&M Theatre and then finishing up in Pensacola, FL at the Handlebar. So excited!


Album Art


Links & Credits:

Tyler Denslow of KOTP Collective Recording & mixing
Everett Young Mastering

Graham Snuggs – lyrics / acoustic guitar / electric guitar / piano
Traylor Roberts – slide guitar / electric guitar / bass
Lindsey Langston – piano
Tyler Denslow – drums
Landon Gay – guest vocals on Quiet House




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