Q&A: Kayla Surico Talks Music, Photography and Art

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Kayla Surico is a music and portrait photographer based out of central Florida. Her work is known for being published in various outlets such as FlippenMusic, MTV and for creating cinemagraphs. I caught up with Kayla to discuss how she got involved in the music scene and how her work has grown over the years.


How did you first become interested in music?

“I guess I’ve been listening to music for as long as I can remember. I would listen to whatever my parents would play. I feel like I used to listen to a lot of Avril Lavigne. When a lot of people would listen to Chris Brown, I was like ‘hey guys, you should check this girl out.’ My dad was really into rock music and he would show me what he was into. I was probably in elementary school but later in high school was when I was really into music and local bands.” 

What was a memorable band for you growing up?

“My childhood favorite was Mayday Parade and I still like them. I’m probably going to their Lesson In Romantics anniversary show in Orlando. When I was first starting out their show with The Maine was the biggest thing for me. It was at the House of Blues in Orlando and I got my first real photo pass.”

How did you become interested in art?

“I think I was always that artsy kid growing up and would try to doodle things. I would try to draw a lot and I was really into graphic design. Eventually, I got a phone with a camera and would take photos of everything all the time.”

How do you think your work has grown?

“I definitely started experimenting more over the years. I’ve been using a lot of glass objects and testing out new techniques without caring what other people think.”

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment so far?

“Something I did pretty recently was make cinemagraphs for the band OWEL which are on Equal Vision Records. It was really cool because one of my goals last year was to make cinemagraphs to go along with music and I got to accomplish that months after I started making them. I love Equal Vision and I’m glad that my first big project was with that band.”

What are some things you’re currently working on and some goals?

“I’m just doing a lot of freelance photography and I’ve got some shows coming up. I specialize in music but I photograph everything. I’ll do portraits, couples, pictures of dogs. I want to tour more, it’s something I’ve only done once officially and that was for two weeks. I want to travel more and work with bigger artists that fit my style.”


All Photos by: Kayla Surico







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