Q&A: Pathos Pathos Announces New EP, Talks About Tour Stories and Writing Process.

By: Ian Maikisch


Orlando indie-rock band, Pathos Pathos are the grooviest band I’ve heard live in awhile. After almost a year of not seeing the band, I had the pleasure of catching them play at Hardback Cafe in downtown Gainesville a couple weeks ago. After they finished their first song I immediately remembered why, when I lived near Orlando, I loved being in the crowd at a Pathos Pathos show.

If you have ever been a fan of the band Miniature Tigers you will LOVE Pathos Pathos. They seem to share the same love sick but innocent vocal tone while, at the same time, being surrounded by extremely interesting arrangements and instrumentation.

After seeing the band play their show I  was lucky enough to have the chance to ask lead singer, Matthew Walsh, some questions about the band and his music. Spoiler alert: NEW PATHOS PATHOS MUSIC IS DROPPING THIS YEAR!!!!


Pathos Pathos has been a band for a few years now, how did the band form?

I knew I wanted to start a band when I moved up to Orlando for college. I spent the first year just writing by myself for the most part. I met Frank through my job at Starbucks and I was introduced to James through my cousin!

When writing your music and songs, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I usually like to just place myself into these make-believe situations that usually have to do with any type of relationship between two people; anywhere from love and prostitution to death and the fear of dying alone. I typically don’t write songs directly inspired by my own personal life.

I know that you guys have been playing around for awhile. What is your favorite story from the road?

Honestly I’ve got to say we’ve been pretty lucky as far as being on the road goes. No van troubles (fingers crossed), nothing too crazy. Last year on tour we drove 30 hours straight from CT to TX. So that was something. I lost one of my shoes somewhere during that drive. Just one. We also had one of our CouchSurfing hosts cancel on us. He told us to meet him at his house, so we did. He wasn’t there though, so we texted him. He texted back some kind of weird jibberish to which we replied “Are you okay?” He replies with “no.” And we never heard from him again. So if you’re out there, let us know you’re alive!

To you, what is the music scene in Orlando like?

Haha this is such an interesting question for me because my answer changes every time. Right now, I feel like it’s good. It’s always been very diverse, and there’s ALWAYS a good show happening. A ton of amazing bands. The biggest downside is that it tends to be extremely cliquey which can be disappointing. But all-in-all it’s good!

Who are your favorite local artists in the Orlando music scene at the moment?

Some of my favorite music from the Orlando scene right now comes from: Gary Lazer Eyes, Boxing at the Zoo, Expert Timing, RV, and Someday River. There’s a ton I’m forgetting right now though!

Your last record came out almost a year ago, are you working on a new record?

We are! We’re in the process of recording a four-song EP due to come out in July. There should be a single coming out pretty soon here as well!

What are some goals you have for your music in 2017?

Well we definitely plan on touring again once we release the new record. I’d really like to get our music out there as much as possible. We’re actually fulfilling two of our goals this month: We’re playing Florida Music Festival and we’re opening for the amazing The Dear Hunter and we couldn’t be more excited!






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