UV-TV Tour Kick Off & Record Release Party featuring Bitemarks, Curleys and Demo

By: Kelsa Ross

Okay, so I had high hopes for the UV-TV tour kickoff at the Backyard at Boca Fiesta and I can say, without hesitation, that it was one of the sickest shows I have ever seen.  Each band on the line-up brought it with such ferocity, such sheer, raw, animalistic energy that I thought I was gonna die.  It was the show of all shows and anyone who is anyone was there to give local legends UV-TV the send-off they deserve.

First on the roster was Demo.  This five piece, consisting of drums, bass, lead guitar, rhythm guitar/vocalist, and lead vocalist, was led by this lady who had a voice like dark brown stained glass.  They had a hard rock edge to their sound but were still something that I felt I could listen to and just chill.  Demo surrounded me with a full, whole tone and was a stellar start to the night.

           Demo is a recent addition to the Gainesville music scene, Thursday was only their second show.

Curleys were up next and I was completely drowned by their insane, dirty, grungy, punk rock vibe.  This three piece led by a drummer/lead vocalist with guitar/vocalist, and bass were a force of energy that hit me like a brick wall.  I’m serious, this band had one speed and it was a million miles an hour.  Curleys’ sound was remarkably tight and together and drove the energy of the Backyard up to gale-force winds.

True to their punk rock image, Curleys never disappoint with their energetic performances and music that says “I couldn’t give less of a fuck if you think I’m good or not”  

Bitemarks set started out with a scream that could be likened to the first shout of Beastie Boys’ Sabotage, setting the stage for off-the-charts energy that never wavered.  An absolute powerhouse goddess whose endless stamina and vitality drove their huge presence was the lead for this four piece of bass, drums, guitar, and vocalist.  She writhed on the ground, came into the audience, and thrashed across the entire stage with a don’t-fuck-with-me attitude.  Bitemarks is a band that has an unadulterated command of live performances.

The members of Bite Marks never slow down, whether it’s crawling across the stage, jumping over each other, or getting into the crowd itself to stir up the moshers.    

Wrapping up the night were the guests of honor: UV-TV.  There is definitely a reason that they are one of Gainesville’s premier local acts and this set really showcased their abilities.  Their tempo builds, the drops, the tightness of their sound, the poetry of their lyrics, the way Rose’s voice floats above the music, it all came together for a set that started their tour off on the right foot.

Rose’s shoegaze-y, reverb tinted voice contrasts perfectly with Ian’s harsher, more classic punk  vocals as the band plays many songs off their debut record, “Glass”.    

I’m telling you, the words in this review can only go so far to describe how superior the lineup was for UV-TV’s tour kickoff/album release.  This writer can only hope for another show that brings together a lineup with the verve, the vigor, and the vivacity that this lineup possessed, and also brings together all the dynamite people who come out to support our local scene.

Fans can’t get enough of UV-TV, in the end calling them back for an encore.

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All photos by: Eliza Goldstein







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