Hardback Cafe presents: Insignificant Other, Goalkeeper, Winded, and Flowan

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Even as this semester wraps up and Gainesville residents cram into coffee shops to prepare for finals, Friday night’s show at the Hardback still drew quite the crowd. Put together by Coolicide Florida, the show featured two solo acts and two bands.


Kicking off the night was Flowan, a project by Obadiah Grener. Released in November of last year, he played songs off the EP, Lifted. Playing the title track, he sang “I just want to know what its like to feel new/ to feel lifted without some society or addiction taking grasp of me.” The lyrics serve as a reminder that everyone has their own personal struggles and that it’s fine to feel down some times. As it was my first time seeing Flowan play live, I made myself a mental note to take the time to listen to the songs again.

Obadiah Grener playing a truly impressive set at Hardback Cafe.


With a sound both haunting and mesmerizing, Tallahassee’s Winded took the stage.  With most songs being just slightly over two minutes, I wished her set was longer. Using a loop pedal, she was able to recreate the full sound that is present in her EP, See You In Hell, Schwartz. As members of the crowd sang along, she made sure to thank them multiple times and expressed her adoration for Gainesville.

Winded serenades the crowd at Hardback Cafe with a serene and emotional set.


In town to record new music at Goldentone Studios, the South-Florida band Goalkeeper brought their fast paced high energy sound to the stage. Swaying across the stage, bassist Josh Pulka added a rich tone to their sound. Singer and guitarist Adam Kritzman and drummer Richie Schnellbacher switched off on vocals adding variation to their hurried music.

Goalkeeper playing face melting rock at Hardback Cafe. 


Closing out the show was one of my favorite Gainesville bands, Insignificant Other. No matter how many times I see this band live, their sincere lyrics and synth pop sound will always have me hooked. They slowed down their energetic sound with the song ‘TV’, a track that expresses longing and sadness in a heart-broken way. The sing alongs continued as they closed out their set with ‘I Am Not A Doctor’, a song that explores the longing of wanting to solve the struggles that others face. It’s a delicate balancing act of push and pull of the dreamy keys and brassy guitar tones featured on the song.

Insignificant Other connecting to a fully engaged and energetic crowd.

I always leave shows like this one with a newfound appreciation of Gainesville’s local scene. Night’s like these are as inspiring as they come.

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Photos by: Ian Maikisch










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