Pleasures Releases Music Video for Single, “Luscious Wave”, Announces Gainesville Tour Date

By: Kelsa Ross



Holy shit, I just finished listening to PLEASURES’ album “Fucked Up Dreams Come True” and my skin is tingling, people.  They classify themselves as “dark and doomy sex music for robots,” which is almost EXACTLY what I was going to say.  My senses were on fire from their crisp neon sound, flecked with dirty, grungy, raw, emotion and hyper-processed audio.  Sometimes resembling a bumpin’ Cocorosie, this album seems to dance its way through a spiral into and out of dependency and madness.

And the music video for their single “Luscious Wave”… OOF.  The concept is so trippy, so cool, so different from anything I’ve ever seen before.  It allows for deep reflection and interpretation, while also being easily accessible and visually stunning.

The video depicts a human need for a total communion with nature and the struggle to keep in touch with our natural roots.  Initially we see the band members are literally bound to trees with twine.  However they cut away from these binds  using man-made objects like saws, matches, and knives.  After running deeper into the forest, the band begins to breath through medical masks constructed of moss and lichen as nature’s lifeblood is pumped into their lungs from the earth itself.  We see big looping empty snail shells, much like how we as humans can feel empty when we are left without the comfort of nature or love.  A spider’s web is shown, with all its symbolism of interconnectedness to the natural world and to each other.  The final shot is of a leaf spinning in midair, twisting and turning with no sign of stopping; life goes on, never wavering no matter how much we try to fight it or slow its pace.

The video is arresting.  It is beautiful.  The song is raw.  It is honest.  It is true.

You read my interpretation, now go on, treat yourself, relax, enjoy, and create your own.

Pleasures are heading out on a 6-week U.S. tour to celebrate the release of their new single and music video. This is including a tour stop in Gainesville at The Backyard at Boca Fiesta on Saturday, April 29th.






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