Bards In Bars Getting Beer Ep 5: Gutless Interivew

By: Graham Johnson and Ian Maikisch

This is the fifth episode of our new mini web series called, “Bards in Bars Getting Beer.”

For this episode we spoke with Vi Viana from the local Gainesville band Gutless. Their new record, “Some Voids”, has been described as “It’s a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but I guarantee you’ll come out feeling fantastic…” but this site in the past.

To check out the album review we did for Gutless’s record, “Some Voids” click here:

New Music: Gutless Releases “Some Voids…”.

We had the pleasure of grabbing a beer with Vi at a very supportive local venue, The Midnight. Everyone there seems to really love music and hosts shows from time to time.

Vi was just great, “Some Voids” is great and The Midnight is awesome.

Stay tuned every week for a new episode of Bards In Bards Getting Beer. Where we sit down with the artist that make this whole scene happen.

Hope you enjoy 😀




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