Q&A: King Complex Talks Music, Their Crazy Visuals and Costumes.

By: Graham Johnson

King Complex (Urban Dictionary): Similar to god complex, but the difference is instead of feeling that since they are above everyone they should act snooty, these people believe they have the right to act as king.They feel it is their duty as a superior person to lead and take care of all under them.They tend to be pretty kind to people, but believe that they should still do whatever they say.Almost like a mother hen type, but with more of a power trip vibe.

Person 1: “It’s not that i think i should be mean to everyone else since i’m above them. I just think they should do what i say since i know best.”
Person 2: “Dude, your King/Queen Complex is showing.”
You choose whether you chose king or queen depending on whether its a girl or a boy.


How long have you guys known each other? It takes a lot of time and attention to one another’s playing to maintain the rhythms you’ve created. I’m curious as to where that comes from.

Cody: “We were actually siamese twins and we had the best doctor you’ve ever seen. Bracher is in denial, but he’ll accept it soon.”

Bracher: “We’ve been playing together for 4 years.”

Where does the music come from?

Cody: “I don’t think that anyone knows where music, or inspiration really comes from. It’s mysterious and that mystery is what inspires us.”
Bracher: “I just think it comes from trying to explore new stuff. “

What inspired you to create the atmospheric head trip that ensues when you perform? You guys perform with a visual artist. Was that always part of the plan, or was it conceived later?

Sean: “The visuals were always a part of the plan. The intention behind it was to try to blend more senses into the live show. Performing with an artist happened later so that it would feel more live and so that we weren’t playing the same show over an over.”

That being said, where did you get the inspiration for the costumes you wear when you perform?

“The suits didn’t come from a specific idea. We realized after trying it that it takes the ego away from the art.”

You released a spacious 5 song EP last year. How do you feel about how it turned out?

Bracher: “It was better received than I anticipated upon it’s conception. I wanted it to be polarizing and it didn’t seem to be as offensive as I thought it would be. I have failed as an artist and am constantly losing sleep over it.”
Cody: “It is exactly what I wanted it to be.”

As I understand it, you guys are currently touring Florida. You’re definitely appearing on choice bills throughout the state. How do you feel about it?

Cody: “We’ve mostly been doing weekend dates. It’s been a lot of fun so far.”
Bracher: “We’re definitely making our rounds through the state and it’s been really awesome seeing the project grow. Playing live is always an incredible experience and it’s really special to be able to do it so frequently and meet so many great people.”

As a band, where would you like to be by the end of 2017?

Cody: “In an octopuses garden, in the sea”
Bracher: “Colonizing the outer edges of our solar system”






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