Aquanova Releases Single: “Kuzingi 9”

By: Kelsa Ross



Okay, so personally, I’ve found that prog-rock can be pretty hit-or-miss and Gainesville’s own Aquanova definitely pumped out a hit with their single ‘Kuzingi 9’.  I’m serious, it’s incubus-sounding-modern-underwater-space-prog-rock at its finest.

The track begins with a psychedelic, almost-biblical, chord which as quickly as it appears, glisses, beaming us up with it as it transitions into the lead guitar’s crisp opening notes before settling into a deep grungy groove. Its full-bodied rhythmic guitar riffs perforate the track as the lead singer talks of not knowing if they’ll “ever come back to earth again.” I am swept away in the expertly conjoined guitar and cymbal-heavy drums.  The song’s closing instrumental break is where they really find their stride as the cadenced guitar evolves into a no-holds-barred breakdown that really showcases their grungy, yet perfectly punctuated style.

Their underwater-space-vibe is highlighted by the accompanying album art: a watercolor of an octopus inking out an iridescent milky galactic cloud that transforms into a coral reef.  It’s a stunning example of how effectively visual art can compliment and represent a sonic feeling.

Watch out for Aquanova, people, they are definitely a band to keep your eye on.





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