House Show @ The Dumpster: DONKNG, Brandon Can’t Dance, TOP nachos and Poster

By: Kelsa Ross

Sorry for the delay on this review, I have been trying to recover from last Wednesday’s Dumpster show, which was, hands-down, the best house show I have ever seen.  The line up was superior, the crowd was wild, and the venue was a home away from home for a lot of the guests.  Each band brought it with all they had and left me for dead by the end of the night.

Poster kicked off the show. This Tampa-native five piece is full-bodied dream-rock, reminiscent of Deerhunter.  The lead singer’s voice felt refreshingly unique as it interlaced beautifully with the triple guitars, bass, and drums that backed it, and I can honestly say that it was different from anything I’ve heard around here. Poster knew exactly when to mellow down and when to rock out and the crowd was super receptive to their effortlessly cool energy.  They are definitely a band that I’ll be following.

Poster really showing the crowd at The Dumpster what their made of.

After Poster was the Brooklyn two-piece: TOP nachos.  Whenever I see a two-piece, I am always beyond impressed at how well they are to be able to hold their own, especially when compared to other bands on the bill that have more than twice the amount of members.  TOP nachos’ badass, hardcore energy didn’t waver for a single beat and audience participation was hot hot hot!  They had fast-paced 80s and 90s pop covers, punk rock originals, insane instrumentals, stellar vocals, and a presence that demanded attention.  TOP nachos is a band you have GOT to see live.


Top Nachos playing fast and hard punk for all the rowdy kids at The Dumpster.

The penultimate act was Pennsylvania’s own Brandon Can’t Dance.  This five-piece built their home on a hardcore-rock groove, with each amp turned up to an earth-shattering, spinal tapping 11.  The band made the crowd lose its mind when they kicked it into an unbelievably high gear and began head-banging at each other in a perfect circle. Brandon Can’t Dance brought one of the biggest sounds to the Dumpster I’ve heard and they handled it with the skill and finesse of old pros.

Brandon Can’t Dance was movin’ and groovin’ making the crowd seriously loose their minds. 

There was only one band that could follow Brandon, TOP nachos, and Poster after they had the crowd so pumped that the floor was gonna break. For DONKNG and their fans, this performance was a rebirth of sorts, a second coming, a DONKNG-is-back-from-the-grave-and-has-their-phasers-set-to-kill, kind of set.  It was clear that this was the revitalization of a band that had spent every second of their hiatus on sonic and generic development, individually and together.   I genuinely, in my heart of hearts, haven’t experienced a set this good, or felt a crowd react so positively since Parquet Courts hit the Wooly last February.  The summer ’17 DONKNG is not to be fucked with and is showing up to shut it down.

DONKNG’s triumphant return to the spot light. 

With each Dumpster show, I think “this was IT, this was THE SHOW, there is NO WAY it gets better than this” and every time I am proved wrong wrong wrong.  These boys continue to set the bar for the Gainesville house show scene with their knack for leaving everyone stunned. Often imparting a rare but oh-so-good feeling of both wanting to die from sensory overload/dance-exhaustion and also never wanting the night to end.


Crowd at The Dumpster showing how much they love the music with their blood and sweat. 

Links and credits:

Photos by (Ian Maikisch) except Brandon Can’t Dance those are by Darrien Moore


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