Pleasures, Endless Pools and Super Twin Go from Spacey to Punk at The Backyard

By: Graham Johnson

This past Saturday, I had to make what would be one of the most difficult decisions of my life. Should I go see Dikembe and Kindergarten Cop at The Atlantic, or should I crash The Backyard with Pleasures and Endless Pools? Needless to say, I blindly drew at straws to find that I would be patronizing The Backyard at Boca Fiesta to take in the emotional roller coaster that would be assembled that night by three wildly diverse bands: Endless Pools, Pleasures, and Super Twin.

Drifting in at the beginning of the show, Endless Pools set the mood to chillwave and lulled the crowd into a poppy dream of spacey reverb and McCartney-esque vocals. The lead guitar pulled the crowd down the river as a mischievous scout excited for what’s just around the bend. Throughout every peak and valley of their magnificent ride, the percussion and bass worked perfectly in tandem to keep our feet on the ground while the melodies and harmonies were tireless in lifting your head to the clouds.


After a short reprieve to get our heads straight and refill our beer cans, we were treated to a very special group from South Florida named Pleasures. It was as if a psychedelic wind had set in for the next 40 min. It blew about our minds and bodies; dissolving the barriers between both and interspersing all incorporeal and sensory factors until we were all on the same wavelength, ebbing and flowing with the ethereal melodies within. Though, this was not to take away from the absolute weight of their sound. Pleasures was one hell of a ride. Possibly, even, what it would have sounded like had Maynard James Keenan been active in the late 60’s.

Then, there was Super Twin. Holy mother of god, FUCKING SUPER TWIN. I have not had the privilege of experiencing such a rude and violent punk set in many years. Super Twin brought me back to high school and that shitty, scummy dive that was patronized by so many of us young punks. It was the only place that we could let loose and be ourselves without having to worry about judgement and persecution from conservative parents and “well-meaning” adults. Super Twin was a wall of speakers that, when it finally shook itself to the floor, made way to reveal yet another Great Wall of Stacks. It’s Thursday and I STILL can’t hear out of my left ear. The kicker? This was Super Twin’s very first venture out as a band.

Saturday’s event was one hell of a show. The backyard brought us everything from deep old school psychedelic, to rip-roaring trad punk violence. I was utterly impressed with every musician that night. They would rake in more and more people and it seemed like no one left until there were no more bands. That is exactly the kind of thing I like to see in the Downtown scene. Don’t forget; the music is good, the people will come, and it’s all thanks to bands like these.

P.S.: Pleasures’ drummer is not human. I REPEAT: HE IS TOO GOOD AT DRUMS. HE IS ALIEN.



Pleasures making everyone question reality at The Backyard. “This is to good to really be happening in front of me!” 

Endless Pools –

Endless Pools bringing out the jams for the crowd at The Backyard. 

Super Twin- 

Super Twin nailing their first show at The Backyard. 



Links and Credits:

Photos and Videos by: Ian Maikisch


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