Coolicide Presents: Acoustic House Show with Vi Viana, Tourneforte, Bad Year and Insignificant Other

By: Graham Johnson

Sooo… Got to check out this cool little acoustic show at Alu Soto’s place this past Friday, May 5. The show was something very beautiful and special, if only for the fact that this would be the first time I’ve ever seen Vi play an acoustic set and possibly the first and last time I’ll ever see Simona play an acoustic set for awhile. They were joined by out-of-towners, Tourneforte(Myrtle Beach, SC) and Bad Year(Orlando). Both of which were cut down to vocals and acoustic guitar to remain in context with the night.

Vi started out the night with one hell of a bang. None of the delicious, gooey, screamy vocals I’ve come to love and expect were stunted or shied away from during the course of their set. One could be led to believe that, without the full-bodied instruments and the heavy percussion, the power of certain Gutless tracks wouldn’t translate very well to acoustic. This, simply, was not the case. Vi came at the crowd with every bit of emotion and intensity that they would during a full band set on a large stage. In a few words, what Vi presented that night was hella impressive and I can’t wait to catch another acoustic set from them in the future.


Once Vi had thanked everyone in the room a few times and smiled a bunch, they left the stage and the crowd gave a warm welcome to James Uzzel of Tourneforte. I must say, if Vi somehow wasn’t enough to set the power level that night, James definitely picked up the slack. He bemoaned a scratchy throat and overworked vocal cords during his set, yet he only achieved greater and greater power as he pumped out his beautiful, poppy, post-punk vocals. As the sole guitarist for the band, James held nothing back whilst shredding monster melodies on the acoustic. The age-old and simple combination of guitar and vocals seemed to be working quite well for the first two acts. Naturally, it was time to switch it up a bit.


Orlando’s Bad Year shambled on in and were represented by, not only guitar and lead vocals, but full three part harmonies. They were a window into the early modern pop-punk of the 2000s, pre 2010. Their set was a sweet ride through tide and torrent alike that treated us to a glorious combination of pop-punk, alt, and midwest emo styles. Without a doubt, they singlehandedly brought the sound of Orlando to life for about 40 min that night. If you happen to be reading this, and are in the reasonable vicinity of Charlotte SC, GO SEE BAD YEAR AT THE MILESTONE CLUB TOMORROW. It’s gonna be tight. Trust me.


Then, it was time to drown in the sweet sorrow that is: Simona Morales of Insignificant Other. As always, they were absolutely exceptional. Every time I see an Insignificant Other show, I leave thoroughly impressed and with an indescribable contentment that lasts for several days following. With that being said, Simona did not disappoint. The emotion that they convey through their music was just as fluently translated, if not more so, than the full band experience. It felt like warm blanket after a hot shower and, as you drift off to sleep, Simona’s soft voice puts you at ease and reminds you that everything is ok.


Coolicide presents yet another full-bodied and well rounded house show. The atmosphere was super chill (Super Smash Bros and Master Chef: Junior preceded the festivities) and everyone was very comfortable. Thank you so much to Alu for facilitating such a nice little event and thank you to Coolicide for all the cool bands we get to enjoy on your behalf. It’s events like these that are helping to build the Gainesville scene to glory and sovereignty. Let’s keep up the good work!

P.S. Points for spotting the Scott Pilgrim ref.



Vi Viana: 


Bad Year:

Insignificant Other: 



Links and credits:

All photos and videos by Ian Maikisch



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