Photo Set: Jeffrey Lewis, Rosemary Kennedy and Black Haw Shake @ The Atlantic

By: Ian Maikisch

Last week the awesome, amazing, incredible artist that is Jeffrey Lewis came to Gainesville and played a fantastic show at The Atlantic. I remember being in high school and taking road trips to his music. Driving through North and South Carolina listening to his folk punk poetry to angry and fast acoustic guitar. Seeing him was like being 16 again, reliving all the memories I have with my best friends being angry at the world, establishment and our teachers but, also wanting to approach that angry and mistrust in a artistic and fun way. Below are on photos of the show. If you haven’t heard his or the other band’s music below, take a second and listen. All these bands will challenge you to feel emotions and in some ways probably mirror some feeling that you have now.

We also did an interview with Jeffrey Lewis which you can find here:

Interview with Jeffrey Lewis


Black Haw Shake:



Rosemary Kennedy:



Jeffrey Lewis:






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