New Music Video: Divorce Culture – Alan’s First Night Out

By: Ian Maikisch & Lindsy Carrasquillo

Divorce Culture’s new video for their song, “Alan’s First Night Out”, is just great. Opening up with a guy texting a girl trying to get her to come out with him and ending in one of the rowdiest parties I’ve seen. This party has all the corner stones and signs of a killer hang out: a naked man trying to cover him self up with what appears to be sock, a group shotgunning beers, dancing and finally ending with the band members under a bed cover with a girl. All in all, seems like a pretty crazy first night out for Alan.

Clocking in at three minutes, the hard hitting track starts off with energy that never slows down. Singing “And I’m fuckin’ wasted, is this what you wanted?”, these are the lyrics you’d be happy to scream back to the band at a live show, drunk or not. The song’s heartbreak and disappointment come across easily within the song’s lyrics which are backed up by aggressive guitars. While most songs about drinking and partying can be easily passed off as just another song in an endless list, “Alan’s First Night Out” is a track with character. The break down within the last thirty seconds of the song is enough to make anyone want to play it again.

Let’s hope this band plays a house show soon, this is the type of song that needs a rowdy crowd and people who will want to crowd surf. For anyone that’s ever been pissed off, this one’s for you.




Divroce culture\



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