New Album: Slumberjack Releases Oddly Calm

By: Graham Johnson


The last time I saw Slumberjack, they were playing amongst favored locals at Gainesville house show venue, The Dumpster. Needless to say, Andrew and the boys tore the place down. At the time, they spoke about having an album in the works and left me with a lingering excitement for its impending release. Now that they’ve released Oddly Calm, I have to say that it came out much better than I ever could have hoped.

Being Orlando natives, they revel in the naturally groovy sound the town is so entirely steeped in. Though, they tend to shy away from the traditionally funky Orlando bands, like Fat Night. Instead, smooth melodies are replaced with sick croons and pained screams and clean guitar replaced with clipped, chunky twang. Oddly Calm feels comfortable in the somber tones that leak forth from Andrew’s melancholy howl, while a latent sense of urgency settles in with quick guitar parts and Dave’s machine-gun snare.

Oddly Calm left me with the strange sensation of falling in place, whilst holding me tightly and reassuring me that the feeling is normal. It was a 27 min vignette into the dark streets and shadowed corners of Andrew’s mind and the city that inspired the emotion. Eager to feel this again, I’ll be attending the Slumberjack X Rosemary Kennedy Hardback Show on May 15, Wednesday of this week.

Ye be warned: If you attend, Slumberjack will make you feel some feelings you wouldn’t believe.



Links & Credits:

released April 13, 2017

Engineered and Produced by Mathew Harris, ListenCarefully Productions
Cover photo by Ashley Smoot, on instagram at @digital.ash


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