Impressive Variation At The Atlantic: Zeta, Alumine, & Insignificant Other

By Lindsy Carrasquillo

Alumine is the type of band that I’d see live no matter what bill they’re on. I guess the fact that I had seen them live seven times before their most recent show with Zeta speaks to that. However, this time, the band played as a two piece which was just one of the many surprises of the night. Upon checking the Facebook event page for the show just the night before, I discovered that the opener was now an Insignificant Other solo set as the original opener, Cutmehere, had to drop.

Upon getting on stage, Simona expressed their nerves on playing a solo set and their statement was followed by a set that was both beautiful and sincere. While songs like ‘Con Artist’ and ‘I Am Not a Doctor’ lack the poppy synths when played with just one guitar, they are still sing-along tracks capable of stopping any audience member in their tracks. With songs touching on subjects like insecurity and sadness, Simona’s delicate voice evens out the harshness.

Having previously seen Zeta play at The Dumpster, I had an idea of what to expect but wow, I was very wrong. By playing in a much bigger space, the experimental punk band had the space they needed to effortlessly move around the stage and be as loud as they wanted. Simply stated, they’re a band that shreds. So hard in fact that singer Juan Ricardo Yilo broke guitar strings just a few songs in but if anything, it only made the band’s performance stronger. He took it as a queue to grab the mic and put all the energy he had into the rest of their performance as did the rest of the band.


While I first expected Alumine’s guitarist and bassist, to join the stage, I was intrigued to find out what they’d do as a two piece. The band’s set was mostly instrumental which featured songs from their EP as well as new tracks.  Though I did miss the sing along that are usually present at Alumine shows, it allowed me to see how strong performers Alu and Pedro both are.

The night brought a strong variation of softer music, honest lyrics and aggressive instrumentals. It’s hard to leave a night like that without feeling impressed.



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