New Music: Daphne Willis releases single, “Somebody’s Someone”

By: Ian Maikisch



When it comes to pop music I’m very particular about what I listen to. It has to show true emotion or hold up a mirror to part of the human experience. Well really this is true of all the music I listen to. The sad thing is most pop artists don’t touch on these topics. I don’t know if these topics don’t sell as well or if our culture has become so vapid that the average person doesn’t want to hear these messages. This is important to not only me but I feel comfortable saying that it’s the same with most people I know.

So when a really good and honest song comes along it’s like a breath of fresh air. “Somebody’s Someone” by Daphne Willis is just that breath I needed to help get through the summer. Where most songs are about the beach and “partying”, they forget people suffer year around with real problems.

Opening with nothing but a sober piano and Willis’s soulful voice, it immediately grabs your attention. It’s like when someone whispers to make you lean in closer and truly listen to what they have to say. The music itself isn’t all that ground breaking, vocal doubling, harmonies and a choir in the back over that piano. What stands out in this song though is the content.

Willis really lays it out there. She speaks about the idea in the beginning of the song of homelessness. The thought that every single homeless or struggling person you see on the street or on the subway is something to someone. You might look at them as always being in this position and it’s because of their “poor” life choices and your “good” ones that separate you socially. However, at some point they were just like you. They were someone’s son or daughter or perhaps someone’s father or mother. That trying to fight through this thing called life they have just ended up in a crappy situation and really just need some help.

She calls for this person to reach out to the people that care about them. Reminding them that there are people in the world that love them, or you, someone loves you. Don’t forget that. Willis then takes the position of someone on the other side of the equation. Someone who has to watch a loved one go through these things. Saying “I can’t make you drink that water” or “Picking up the phone, who’s it gonna be this time? It’s the sound of your voice but it ain’t really you on the line.”

Willis tackles mental health, addiction and problems that people have to suffer through everyday in an artistic and true way. The emotion and sadness really show in this song. It leaves me wondering — who is she trying to reach out to?

“Somebody’s Someone” is a conversation about the suffering one goes through after losing someone to addiction, or something similar. A real song. I’m sure this is a message that a lot of people need to hear and can sympathize with. Just listen to it and judge for yourself.

For upcoming tour dates for Daphne Willis click here.





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