New Music: Aquanova releases New Single, ” A Minor Complication ft. Kase Abernathy”

By: Ian Maikisch


So first off, can I say that when it comes to creative and just down right really cool artwork for their music, Aquanova really brings it. Their first single, “Kuzingi 9” featured an octopus spewing what looks like cosmic clouds of dust out from under it. While their newest single, “A Minor Complication ft. Kase Abernathy” features an underwater reef made up of so many beautiful psychedelic colors as the artwork.

Aquanova has proven, at least to me, that they are a really creative and powerful band. Their new song is an instrumental jam complete with an 80’s sounding saxophone, played by Kase Abernathy, coupled well with ripping guitar and animalistic drums at times. That’s not to say that the song doesn’t get really groovy.

It goes from a smooth jazzy kind of jam to a hard rock break down. All the while Abernathy’s saxophone just keeps climbing and climbing. It sounds like if a metal band came together with some horns for a jazz night.

It’s hard to place this band in a genre. They do a lot of things — and well, might I add. This new track is a head-nodding, groovy, jump-up-and-down tune. It makes me want to enjoy a classy drink in a tie while at the same time dance and move to cool lights.

I’m so happy that Gainesville has such a diverse and talented scene. It truly is the “music town Florida.” It has something to offer everyone. From hardcore punk to Aquanova and their tripped out jams. If you ever have a chance to catch Aquanova live, please do it. This is a band however, that I could see people being so captured by their set that they totally forget to take out their phones and take pictures. They really are an interesting group of musicians and artist.

(If you want to read the review on Aquanova’s last single click here)

Aquanova Releases Single: “Kuzingi 9”




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