Party At The Backyard with Aye Nako, Alumine, Bacon Grease and Flower Child

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo


As more of a DJ set, I hadn’t realized that the first act went on since I’m used to the Backyard playing a large variety of music before shows and in-between sets. Flower Child is a solo project that I’m unable to find online so I had no clue what to expect from their set. They played around with some pre-made electronic beats that seemed more fitting for a bill of electronic music than rock.

              Flower Child plays tracks with a variety of electronic beats.

Bacon Grease is a solo project made up of Orlando native Andrea Knight. She played a short set using loop pedals to create a full band sound with heavy distortion. Playing songs that were mostly instrumental, her voice was hard to hear over the guitars.

 Bacon Grease creates tracks with dissolution.

For their set at the Backyard, Alumine played as a two piece once again. If anything, their previous performance at The Atlantic was just a warm up. Having seen the band play so many times, I felt that this was one of their most powerful performances, matching up to when I first saw them play in October. With minimal stage banter, Alu and Pedro played through their set with ease. Even without their guitarist and bassist, they had a full band sound. If you can’t get enough of their EP, make sure to see them live as they’ve continued to add new songs to their set.

Alu and Pedro put on an impressive performance.

It’s always good to see a band move up from opener to headliner. I had seen Aye Nako play in Gainesville exactly a year prior when on tour with Screaming Females. The queer punk band fits right into Gainesville’s music scene and it’s always comforting to see people on stage that look like you or have gone through similar experiences in terms of sexuality, gender, etc. With a sound that dives into 90’s rock, the band’s sound feels both nostalgic and new. On tour for their new album, Silver Haze, I feel that Aye Nako is a band that anyone can connect with due to their honest lyrics and their live performance puts action behind that.

                Aye Nako add character to their performance with bright string lights that contrast their sound.

While I first thought that summer would mean that shows in Gainesville would slow down, nights like these prove me wrong. If you’re in town, keep supporting local music and keep an eye out for the touring bands that come to town.





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