Coolicide Announces New Artist: Graham Snuggs

By: Ian Maikisch


Alright if you don’t already know of Coolicide Productions well let me give you a quick run down. They’re an everything-in-one label that records, promotes and books their bands. They throw some of the best shows in Gainesville (hands down, don’t even try arguing with that) while also putting out extremely high quality videos and recordings for their bands. It seems like in today’s music industry if you are going to be a small label that has any chance of really doing anything with your brand — you have to do everything for your artists. Coolicide is one of the hardest working crews in town. Even if you haven’t heard of the company you probably have heard of their artist: Insignificant Other, Rosemary Kennedy, Kindergarten Cop and now — Graham Snuggs!

We have covered Graham Snuggs a few times on the site and every time has been a pleasure. From his latest record, “Loved & Lost” to an interview with him a couple months ago, just because we really needed to know more about his artistry.

“This album reads like a love letter you would write to an ex that you don’t necessarily hate, but you DO want them to know how much their leaving screwed you up and you want to remind them of all the good times you both had that they’re missing out on now.  Loved & Lost is a great listen for a long car ride with a lonely heart.”                  **1

We are so excited that now one of our favorite Tallahassee artists just teamed up with one of our favorite local labels!!! Snuggs signed a single-record deal for a full length that will be released in the spring of 2018. (YAY NEW MUSIC) After hearing the good news we asked Snuggs about how he got started working with Coolicide and discussed how he became one of their artists.

“I played a show with Rosemary Kennedy almost a year ago in Jacksonville oddly enough. I immediately tried to become friends with all of them because they all looked so nice and cool(icide, he he he). I mainly got to talking to Charlie Chopshop. He was just such a warm and accommodating musician and person that it was almost like clockwork that we started working together. I booked them in Tallahassee and then that set up a show swap in Gainesville. And well, I guess the rest is history. Charlie is such a great person.”                                                                                                                              **2

With the announcement of Graham Snuggs joining the Coolicide family comes a video of Snuggs’ song “Over” from his 2016 record “Well-Worn”. Check out the video below and start counting down the days on your calendar for the release of his new record!



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For more information on Coolicide check out their website and for more info on Graham follow him on the social webs.

*1 From an album review by Kelsa Ross FULL ARTICLE HERE

*2 From an interview with Graham Snuggs FULL INTERVIEW HERE

If you want to see an on-camera interview we did with Charlie Chopshop of Coolicide click here.



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