Ambient Experimental at The Atlantic: Lannds, MrENC, and Wild Pines

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

While I’m usually a fan of aggressive guitars and fast drum beats, this show at The Atlantic brought me a night of electronic infused indie rock.  Along with that change, I got the chance to see three acts that I’ve never seen play a live show before: Lannds, MrENC and Wild Pines.

Native to Jacksonville, the quiet night started off with a set by Lannds. While it’s an electronic project by singer Rania Woodard, she played with a full band to create a full ambient sound. As soon as their set started, I was impressed by her strong soothing voice.


MrENC continued the night with their experimental rock sound. Throughout their set, singer Eric Collin’s voice reminded me of another artist which I still cannot seem to place.  It was familiar to the type of bands I enjoyed seeing and listening to late into my high school days. As a three-piece band, they have a sense of variety in their music as they dive into elements of electronic music as well as punk and indie influences from their faster paced songs and anthemic sound.



The night wrapped up with the local band Wild Pines who were met with an enthusiastic crowd. Playing fast songs as well as slowed down mellow tracks, they did not seem to lose interest with the audience who payed attention to every move they made. With lyrics that explore the connection between religion and life’s different experiences, it provided something different from the music I typically listen to.




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