Bards In Bars Getting Beer Ep 8: Sports Reference Interview

By: Ian Maikisch

This is the eighth episode of our mini web series called, “Bards in Bars Getting Beer.”

For this episode we spoke with Jeremy McGuire and Joey Johnson of the local emo-rock band, Sports Reference. McGuire has been booking shows for over 10 years, has owned his own record label and now tours with Johnson in his new band.

The band announced that they will be stepping back into the studio soon to record some new music and will be going on tour in July 2017. So if you aren’t in Gainesville keep an hear open for they very well might be coming to a city near you. If you are in Gainesville, Sports Reference plays A LOT so go see them!

We got to sit down in the upstairs lounge area of the Hardback Cafe in downtown Gainesville and have a few beers with the band to discuss their new record, their upcoming tour and the local scene.

Check out the full video below. Some really crazy tour stories are in there as well.

Stay tuned every week for a new episode of Bards In Bards Getting Beer. Where we sit down with the artist that make this whole scene happen.

Hope you enjoy 😀




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