New Single: “The Friend Group” by Alumine, Feat. Sim Morales

By: Graham Johnson


“The Friend Group” is a far cry from anything I’ve heard Alumine produce and even quite strange for featured artist, Sim Morales. It sounds as though every beat and melody was produced with a synth or sample pad. While Alu’s vocals have been effected to create an almost metallic reverb, they’ve pumped every last scrap of pain and emotion into only 2 minutes worth of melancholy crooning. Above this, Sim seems to be passing through an octave modulator to morph their voice into a mousy robotic sound. The entire track feels like a mix between The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Sleep Party People, while easily retaining the emotion that is inspired by Alu and Sim’s friendship and the perils of living in the modern world. If you happen to catch the single, the lyrics have been provided on its Bancamp page. If you read through them as you listen to “The Friend Group,” you may begin to feel the weight of it all as well.




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