[ARTIST FEATURE] Boston Marriage

By: Ben Saunders

“I think with DIY, its super rewarding when it works out…this worked out because I worked for it.” said .Shane O’Brien. As the  Drummer for South Florida’s Boston Marriage, it is an ethos he knows well. The band has recently released an EP, Personal Space, and through relentless live performance, are on the rise in Florida’s indie music scene.
 On Personal Space, classic rock rhythm sections pound against serene dual female vocals that at once recall more recent acts like Julia Baker, and 90s shoegaze acts such as the Cocteau Twins. What makes this even more surprising is that it is, for most of the band, their first time on stage.
“Besides me this is pretty much everyone else’s first band.” Said O’Brien. Boston Marriage started out like any baby thing does. They struggled.
“At first I was trying to book shows, and its hard when you are a band with no music.” Said O’Brien. “But people would see our live show and wanna work with us from there.”
This winning performance style did not come without some fuck ups, including a tuning catastrophe early on that is best not talked about. As evident to anyone who sees Boston Marriage live, would agree that the band is as tight-wound as my dads regret and “if something goes wrong we know how to fix it.”
Bassist Lisa Lapenna makes sure to emphasize what is most important to the band.
“I think a good show for me is, even if there isn’t a lot of people, at least connecting with them,” Said Lapenna.” and everyone is interested and supportive of each other.”
The band takes their name from a phrase that like their sound is innocent sounding and slyly pointed.
“Its an old fashioned term…its a group of women living separate from a mans income, and together in a lesbian relationship, back in the 1800s.” Said O’Brien.
The bands name is not false advertising either. The band comprises of “Three bi[sexual] and a guy”, , according to bassist Lisa Lapenna.
With a clear focus, a fun atmosphere, and a genuine sense of pure fun, Boston Marriage carry on the tradition of what it really means to be a DIY musician. No matter where they play, it feels like the band is playing songs they love for the joy of it. In the age of festival drama, cynical artist instagrams, and a president who’s one creative moment is “covfefe”, it feels like breathing again.
18057123_412583892447405_5587509459889877120_nAlbum cover



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