[NEW SINGLE] Tiny Farm Releases “Boomer Babe”

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo



As the rain continues to pour on and off throughout Gainesville, the humid air creates dull days that are best spent inside. A deep contrast to the days where the heat is enough for your shoes to nearly melt to the floor the second you step outside. Tiny Farm’s single, “Boomer Babe,” is this contrast; a light in the dark, so to speak.

When I hit play on this song, I was happy to realize that it was one of the tracks I had heard Tiny Farm play live back when I saw them open for Allison Crutchfield at The Atlantic in March. What drives this song is its bright, ringing bass line; creating rich tones throughout the song the way the sun does when clouds finally begin to part.

Singing “and I’m really good at not saying the words, I’m not supposed to,” the song tells a tale of dealing with the difficulty of unspoken words without being too heavy, lyrically. The group has qualities of a jam band, with their sound dipping into long rhythmic grooves while maintaining clear structure within their melody and tempo. The last minute of the song is a solid build of smooth layered guitars that come together to create a strong but mellow sound.

Take a listen and make sure you see them the next time they play in town.


Tinny Farma1432558773_10






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