David Lynch Night at The Dumpster: Cooper!, Bird Eat Bird, Archfriend

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

The Dumpster is my favorite DIY venue in Gainesville for a variety of reasons. Their shows always have some of my favorite locals and serve as my introduction to out of town bands that I might not have heard of otherwise and are full of surprises.  When I go to shows, I tend to just where whatever is clean but just an hour before the show, I found myself quickly browsing through the clothing racks of Flashbacks fifteen minutes before they were set to close. With the Tallahassee band Cooper! taking their name from the show Twin Peaks, the show turned into a Twin Peaks costume party just hours before and to better immerse fans into the world of Twin Peaks, various episodes were projected onto the bands as they played.

First up was Archfriend, the band’s debut was supposed to be as a two piece but instead was a solo set by frontman Kevin Miller. He played guitar with an electronic back beat that sounded straight out of a video game, he was using a Gameboy after all. Though his vocals were hard to hear as he played without a microphone, it was easy to see his passion and emotion.


Having previously see Bird Eat Bird live for the first time the week before, I was looking forward to seeing them live again as they put on such an energetic show. The once again delivered with a fast-paced set and heavy sound that got the crowd moving. From their straightforward personal lyrics to their rhythmic starts and stops, they’re a band that’s not to be missed.


Lastly was Cooper!, a fun upbeat three piece who mix a twangy country sound with a bit of pop. The Tallahassee group is the latest project of Brianna Peterson, a well-known figure in the Tallahassee music scene. Peterson’s witty, relatable lyrics blend seamlessly with the instrumentation of bandmates Marcus Menendez-Aponte and Chris Bilbao. She sings about everyday events like getting a haircut and a house her friend used to live in but her sweet, melodic vocals have just the right amount of grit to suggest a deeper meaning behind the songs.

Cooper! 1Cooper! 2

Sunday night was just one example of a fun night of music where genres don’t need to be separated. And as someone who has never watched Twin Peaks before, it looks like I have some catching up to do.







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