Dunies Drops Delicious New Demo: Rawndavoo

By: Graham Johnson



About a week back, we at the blog received a short and sweet 2 min demo from Cocoa Beach natives, Dunies. Though I had no existing knowledge of the group, my predilection for Surf Punk ensured that I wouldn’t be able to pass up a listen. I can honestly say that Rawndavoo came as an unforeseen reprieve from the broiling summer melancholy that steeps this town in such heavy punk and hardcore; and in a town whose population is so governed by the University, it can begin to stagnate.

The track kicks off with a vocal drop in that gains momentum with powerful percussion and lively strings. It paints a picture of punks thrashing a dried up pool in the summer heat, just waiting for the tide to roll in and kick up some killer waves. The track lasts for such a short while, but the emotion is so potent. It’s so energetic that it’s palpable. You can almost smell the salt and feel the pressure of Florida’s humid coastal heat, as a trickle of lukewarm sweat rolls off of your brow and drips down onto your shirt.

Dunies did one hell of a job; and if this is just a demo, I can’t wait to hear the finished product. They don’t have the track available for public consumption quite yet, but you can check out Dunies playing with local underground acts (Supermarkets, Dandelion Doldrums, Poblano) at The Hardback tomorrow, June 27.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 11.51.37 PM


Remember Ya’ll, It’s hot out there. Stay hydrated and don’t be afraid to take a dip from time to time, to cool off. PEACE and LOVE.





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