Frank Iero Hits The High Dive with Silent Rival

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

On Wednesday, I made my way through rainy downtown Gainesville and into the High Dive. Being an 18 and up venue, I saw many parents with their kids in the crowd and it brought an unexpected sense of familiarity from when I used to do the same. Being a Gainesville native, my introduction to music was going to shows at the High Dive with my dad back when it was still called the Double Down.   

Opening the show was the four-piece band Silent Rival from Los Angeles, California. Made up of singer Sara Coda, guitarist Joz Ramirez, bass player Yutaka Sao and drummer Brock Bowers, they’re a straight forward pop rock band with loud drums, rhythmic guitars and sing along lyrics. While they’re the type of band I would’ve enjoyed more when I was younger, I still appreciated their set, as they’re a group that clearly knows how to put on a performance. Sara’s powerful voice and stage presence can keep anyone’s attention and Yutaka got as close to crowd as he could while smiling back at the kids that stood in front of him.


While Frank’s current project previously involved calling his live band The Celebration, it seems that now calling it The Patience is his way of separating the band’s former life from its current sound. As the band walked onto the stage in the dark, they launched straight into the first three songs off of the album “Parachutes” as soon as the darkness turned into bright blue lights. I last saw Frank perform in 2015 and this time around, it truly was like seeing a completely new band. The band rarely slowed down, and a sense of urgency presented itself with fast guitar riffs and loud pounding drums which contrasted their more mellow performance from two years back.  When they did manage to catch their breath, Frank spent his time answering random questions from fans and talking about his love for the local record store Arrows Aim.


Standing amongst a mix of people ranging from kids much younger than me to people my age and older, nights like these remind me of why I fell in love with music in the first place. It’s always nice to see people dancing and singing along to their favorite artists.


All Photos by: Eliza Goldstein (She’s Awesome!)


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