[NEW SINGLE] The Delta Troubadours: Stone Thrasher

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Every good summer calls for long night drives on nearly empty highways with the windows down and the stereo blaring. Cruising through a pitch black sky and belting out the words to your favorite song. The trick is creating the perfect playlist and the Delta Troubador’s new single, Stone Thrasher, was made for that. Recorded at Skylab Studios in Gainesville, FL, the track blends a blues sound with classic rock influences.

Singing “it gets a little lonely talking to mind at night” and about the woes of love lost, the track recalls a summer love.  A short-lived relationship that wasn’t meant from the start, and you knew that, but everything felt right in the moment and as time passes, it all stings a little less. Starting off with a deep bass line and blues-era guitar textures, the song grows with each layered riff. You can practically feel lead singer Gytis Garsys’ pain as he belts out “oh don’t drown in the river, you’ve got to save yourself just a little”.  The song’s energy grows throughout and shines towards the end of the track with winding guitar solos.

With this track being their first release since their debut EP, Grit, in 2016, it’s clear they’ve already established their own sound and have a lot up their sleeves. Even if you have nowhere to go in particular, get in your car and take a listen. The best way to move on from something is by singing your heart out about it.





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