[NEW SINGLE] Woolbright: What’s It Going To Be

By: Kevin Renard


I can’t say I know all that much about Woolbright. I know they’re coming out with a record in August. I know I’m slated to see them already later that month around when classes start back up from me. Now I know they’re from Davie which is cool and a couple other things that I now obviously know and not much else.

I don’t know the people behind the music and I don’t know most of the people they know. I don’t know if they’d feel weird seeing this and realizing some stranger out there listened to their track several times and wrote this. If I didn’t write for this blog (which I can’t even believe they let me do) I wouldn’t become a ghost because my restless spirit never heard the Woolbright single/album if I never knew they existed. That’s not bad, that’s just how it is. But I do write for this blog, and I’m glad I got to hear their song, because I think it’s pretty good and now I’d actually hope that someone would see this, maybe skim this part if they have the time, and listen to the song as well.

For bands like Woolbright, the context of the music is important, but I think the fact that they’re a band from Davie, FL and this is the first single off their debut full-length is good enough for the task of listening to this single. You can imagine what that might feel like and figure out everything else you need. You might be wrong, but that doesn’t matter.

The song starts off immediately with Candice Maritato’s anxious vocals, upfront strummed guitar, and light snare crescendos. It’s a forthright introduction to a long first single, and Maritato’s vocals are what pilot the song to around the two-minute mark. The lyrics in this track would rather be evocative and realistic than cryptic or overdone and I can appreciate that. From then it slows down and the instruments step forward. To me it sounds like time I’ve spent in South Florida. Points on the track where Maritato’s voice really shines through, make me think this track could be appreciated by more than just people that listen to mostly guitar music.

I’m not going to tell you how much I like this altogether, that doesn’t matter, I don’t matter. I do think a lot of people will like this if they get the chance to hear it, and I hope they do get the chance. I look forward to the album and I look forward to the show.






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