Sports Reference Releases Tour Video And Starts Their Summer 2017 Tour!

By: Ian Maikisch


Today, July 6th, marks the beginning of Sports Reference summer 2017 tour with The Blessed Youth! To get you all hyped for this latest tour the band has released a video of footage from their last tour.

Most tour videos show bands playing to sold-out crowds and partying the night away. Giving off the illusion that touring and playing in the band is best thing ever! What most people don’t see though is after the tour the lead singer goes back to working at a coffee shop, the drummer and bassist go back to work in their father’s auto shop and the guitarist — well the guitarist is still partying the night away, after he gets off his shift as a delivery driver for some big-chain pizza restaurant.

Being in a band and touring most the time isn’t a glorious life full of booze and sex. 75 percent of touring is just driving, 20 percent is spent wondering how you will afford to put gas in the car and where you are going to sleep and the last five percent is actually spent on stage playing the music that you worked so hard to create.

This is the reason why Sports Reference’s new tour video is perfect! It shows the band in the van, skating, going to museums and all the other things you would expect to do while on tour. No flashy sold-out shows, no drugs in the green room and no lavish hotel rooms. Just real musicians, brave enough to try to make a living with their art. This is what the real music industry is.

Sports Reference has made a name for themselves in the local scene as a band that can take the punches and keep getting back up. Whether it’s playing last on a bill to make sure that the touring bands get a decent audience, or playing twice in one week to fill a whole in a set because some friends of theirs really need another act to fill out the set.

New “up-and-coming” bands could really learn a thing or two from Sports Reference. The way they make their music, play their music and work in the industry is the definition of DIY.

Below is a full list of the tour dates and cities where they are playing. If you are in any of the cities that they are playing, make it a point to go see this band!

Sports Reference will also be playing tonight in Gainesville at The Backyard at Boca Fiesta to kick off their tour! Be there or be square!


Sports Reference & The Blessed Youth

7/6 – Gainesville, FL @ The Backyard

7/7 – Charleston, SC @ The Skumbucket

7/8 – Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone

7/9 – Chesapeake, VA @ The Riff House

7/10 – Philadelphia, PA

7/12 – Charleston, WV @ The Empty Glass

7/13 – Roanoke, VA @ The Front Row

7/14 – Columbia, SC @ The Wires Goat Vista

7/15 – Atlanta, GA @ House show

7/16 – Jacksonville, FL @ The Rat House


You can also check out an on-camera interview we did with Sports Reference for our show Bards In Bars Getting Beer here: Bards In Bars Getting Beer EP 8: Sports Reference 






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