[NEW SINGLE] Pathos, Pathos: Covered In Moonlight

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

I first discovered Pathos, Pathos around the start of the year when a friend of mine handed me a copy of their last EP, Pet Names. I quickly found out that the three piece band from Orlando has a clever way of making upbeat happy sounding songs about somber subjects. Their new single, Covered In Moonlight, follows that theme and expands on their previously established sound.

The song comes off as a fun track you can dance to. It has a driving bass line and vibrant guitars that mesh perfectly with lead singer Matt Walsh’s smooth vocals. If I was to write about the song purely from first listen, I’d say that the lyrics are about finding comfort with someone else and the sense of security it can bring but it seems to be about much more than that. Singing, “You were alone, I had you to myself / thinking about you, I was haunted / I was someone else,” the track deals with lost love. It’s the feeling of imagining a future with someone else and how it will all play out but they’re too different from you for it to really work out. Ending with the simple line of “I know that you are not me,” there’s a sense of acceptance and that the person is moving on.

Pathos, Pathos has an effortless way of creating lyrical depth without having to say a lot. This track will probably be stuck in my head all weekend and I’m really looking forward to hearing the rest of the tracks off their new EP, Lucky Charm, when it gets released at the end of the month through Pineapple Record Co.

Oh and as an added bonus, there’s a music video for the song with features guitarist Frank Palencia dancing in front of a green screen with various clips from 80’s workout and dance videos playing behind him. 




Links & Credits:

Pathos, Pathos is:
Matthew Walsh, James Murphy, and Frank Palencia




All songs written by Matthew Walsh
Recorded, mixed, and produced by Brandon Shattuck at Parafonic Recording Studio.


Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation


Album cover “At The End Of My Rope” by Ariana Martinez




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