[New Album] Florence & Normandie Releases “Et. Alia”

By: Ian Maikisch



Heavy guitars, screaming, pounding drums and screeching solos! All these awesome things can be found in the new album, “Et. Alia,” by emo-math-rock band Florence & Normandie from Davie, Florida.

Something I need to say before I get into the record is what this band is like live. I had the great privilege of seeing them in June at Hardback Cafe and they gave a very entertaining performance. Not only did the band jump around and play great but, they had a painter on stage with them.

This painter painted along with the feeling of the band and as the band got more intense so did his painting. It was one of the more creative performances I’ve ever seen at a live show. Combining both visual and auditory art is something that a vast majority of bands don’t do when they are first starting out. However, doing this makes the band more memorable and makes the set way more enjoyable to see. So — yea good job with that guys. It was awesome!

As far as “Et. Alia”, this record is exactly what you would expect from a mathy-emo-rock band. Super cool solos and lead parts, deep screaming, sweet and perfect harmonies all centered around intricate rhythms and riffs.

This record, with its quality and sound, seems like the type of record that would get a band on the festival circuit. I would not be surprised if, because of this record, Florence & Normandie find themselves on festivals like The Fest or the Florida leg of the Van’s Warped Tour.

The way lead singer, Mikey Switz, sings and plays guitar reminds me of so many awesome bands I used to listen to back in 2010.When standing in an open field in 100 degree heat just to say I saw “so and so” play live was all my summers were about.

Where “Et. Alia” sets its self apart from just another pop-punk album is the heavy break downs the band goes into. Going from a sparkling “clean sounding” guitar and vocal harmonies into heavy distorted guitar and bassy drums gives this record a feeling of intensity.

All in all this is a solid record to party to this summer. If you’re into good lyrics, fun music and painting apparently then Florence & Normandie is the perfect band for you!


If you would like to see a video re-cap and footage from the Florence & Normandie show at Hardback Cafe in June you can check it out here: Summer Nights EP 2: DONKNG, Florence & Normandie, Glass Girl at Hardback Cafe




Links & Credits:



Florence and Normandie is
Mikey Switz – guitar/vocals
Aj Lino- Drums and Percussion
Panda- Bass
Music written and performed by Florence and Normandie.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Palowitch.
Vocals recorded by Mikey, Panda, and Jairo at the Barn.
Additional vocals on Divide by Jose Hernandez, Alex Stepien, and Shawn Belanger
Additional vocals on 168 by Alex Stepien
Additional percussion on 168 by Gabriel Jean
The last bass note on 168 performed by Chris Palowitch
Additional vocals on Fracture by Jairo Munoz and Gabriel Jean
Additional vocals on Curvature by Jairo Munoz
Additional vocals on Grow by Aj Lino
Additional vocals on Obliviate by John Peloso
Additional vocals on Hallowed by Candice Maritato
Additional vocals on I Only Ever Think of You by Anthony Grasso, Cristina Valencia, and the Sam Ash automated directory
Additional guitar on I Only Ever Think of You by Jose Hernandez
Additional vocals on I’ll Be Fine by Alex Stepien
Additional guitar on I’ll Be Fine by Jose Hernandez
Art work by Visceral Art and Design



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